process level


Supervisory control of industrial automation involves servers and personal computers (computer workstations).

It consists mainly of process computers and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

These personal computers perform elevated level control operations like set point computations, performance monitoring, diagnostics, start-up, shut down and other emergency operations.

Most of the system contains Distribution Control System (DCS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) in this level.

ELAKS can provide you with a SCADA system according your needs. This is programmable software which is installed and adjusted on operator consoles. It collects, archives, and visualizes the important data collected from PLCs. Upon the acquisition of data, the system compares them with the pre-defined values of manageable parameters. In case of discrepancy, the operating personnel is warned with the help of alarms, and due actions are taken. The system records everything, including the operator’s actions, and ensures  proper control over the operator’s actions in case of emergency or any other contingency situation. Personal responsibility of the operating personnel is also ensured in this way.

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